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Career Counseling for Guidance & Options in Class 9 & 10th

MOulik Jain

Parental Pressure and lot of studies made me confused. She helped me and my parents understand the right way of deciding on the career.

DPS Udaipur

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Prishita Jain

It's sure that one who get counseling from this place they will find their own best way for future.A place where you can make yourself a dream making person.

NDPS Indore



Celebrating Careers is a change in this world of biased opinions about career and life. She helped me in every aspect of life and bought out a completely different and better version of me.


We aim to build the necessary critical thinking & decision making skills to make the choice of a career on which the career goals & subject choices will be based.

Teenagers in Class 9th & 10th, are shaped from explorers to

in-depth learners. They are expected to understand details and form relations & connections in knowledge.

  Why You Should Act on  



 The more aware you are the better decisions you will make 



  • Study Habits & Learning Methods

  • Scoring Well in Exams

  • Lack of Concentration

  • Managing Competition

  • Finding Interest to Pursue

  • Getting to Know About Careers

  • Coaching Planning

  • Extra & Co-curricular Activity Planning

  • Decision Making Skills


  • Communication & Expression

  • Perspective Building

  • Friendships & Conflict resolution 

  • Setting Responsibility

  • Managing Influences eg. Addiction 


  • Self Esteem & Confidence

  • Bullying & Peer Pressure

  • Self Care & Body Image  

  • Coping with Negative Emotions

  • Conflict with Parents/Others

 Discover  The  Career Exploration Program 

 Helping You Find The Right Career Path 

 With Right Reasons  

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  Why are we the best in Career Counseling for Guidance & Options in India?  

Like in nature a plant is able to grow only when the suitable environment is present similarly, in human life our growth can be only possible when the supportive environment is provided.


This is the core principle behind our services i.e. for your success, we provide you the environment, in the form of services like


Nutrients i.e.


Time i.e.


Sunlight i.e.

A place to grow i.e.


Air & Water i.e.


Incomplete, Biased & Outdated Information are the hidden challenges we help you avoid while taking a decision related to Career, Education & Life.

We support you in every manner possible to make rational decisions, maintain emotional balance, goal setting & action plan to avoid end moment chaos and hasty decisions.

Right skills will make you capable enough to find your own right answers and being able to help yourself in the future.

Development in careers happen every day, Right Guidance from Experts can help you make decisions with the latest information and experience.

To grow in life, support and care are crucial. Our goal is not passing judgments on you, but providing you with the right direction for growth.

The best results come when

YOU are completely prepared! 

 Right Skills 

 Right Path 

 Right Details 

 Right Decision 

 Right Guidance 

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