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 They did it. So can you. 


Sidhartha Arkhe



I would highly recommend, Celebrating Careers and specially Saloni Jain to everyone and anyone. With her vibrant and exuberant personality and cognitive approach, Saloni will not only enable "you" (and not only parents) identify your own hidden potential, but also help you to realise and utilise this potential by suggesting effective and efficient activities. Having personally received guidance that too at a later stage in my career, saloni has pivotally helped me channel my own energy to my new found passion of public speaking. Having seen some very successful cases, I will highly recommend Saloni to everyone, may it be a working professional or a student

Bhumika Mandhani


B. Com Student

An amazing place to learn and grow . The possitive enviroment and Saloni Mam altogether brings out the best in you . I felt really good and determind and would definetely suggest that once in our life we must have such conversations to keep out track clear .

Rishav Kothari


CA Student

A very nice place for people looking for clarity in taking decisions...I found the consultation very genuine and unbiased...Miss Saloni Jain is very good at what she does.

Rohan Sajjan


BBA & NDA Aspirant 

it's a place where you go enter with all the doubts having a war in your head and come out beating all of them with that one perfect decision for your life and the ways to achieve it.The best part is it's only you who solves the doubt.
Thank you celerating careers for making my life all sorted.

Sameeksha Jain


B. Com (Hon) Student

A amazing place and the most amazing mentor.

Mayank Mittal

Mayank M

CA FInal & LLB Student

It's an awesome experience taking an guidance advice from celebrating carriers. Saloni mam was the best councellor I ever met who changed my life. She gave me road map to resolve my each and every issue and taught me how to develop the decision filters and the best part is the one to one discussion session.

Bhavna S


B.A. Student

Mam was very friendly and supportive. She will help u to analyse your strengths and weaknesses and to choose the right career.

Shefali Lunia


BBA Student

An ambience having positive vibes.
And this is what we require in current scenerio for the students...someone to clear out the doubts.
Had a great experience over there!

Monisha Sharma


BBA Student

Best place to clear doubts of every aspects of your life from career, future planning, addiction to relationships of all the generation.
Here i get the clarity in many things of my life and get the problem solved to live a happy life ahead.

Meet Kothari


BBA - Mumbai University

smartly handled, understanding what is to be done, making your mind clear.
excellent .

Aashi Jain


CA Final Student

She is not just a counsellor, but a therapist and an awesome motivator.
I am thankful to her for being so patient, practical and truthful.
I sincerely wish I had met her earlier.
Thank you!

Kaajal Shah


Eng. Student

A place which helps you to select the career of your own interest and helps in solving all the doubts related to career and any other things

Om Verma


B. Sc. Student

You are great ma'am.🙏
I found out here solutions of my professional and personal life too.✌️

Shivpreet Sharma


IIT Student

She is not just counsellor...... she is my mentor,life advisor and consultant.
At first I think we all hesitate to discuss our problems with unknown person but one thing which I can guarantee you all that is you are not going to face it here.

Divyani Jain


B. Com Student 

This place provides me the aura I always want to be in, it has everything to help and guide people in deciding their career and to celebrate life whole heartedly.

Pallav Agrawal



There are career counsellors and then there is Saloni. She is one of a kind. I have got many counselling done for myself, but the kind of clarity I got after discussing with her is unparalleled. The best thing is she walks the talk. I highly recommend her to anyone who is confused about his or her career plans. All the best Saloni and keep up the great work.

Vasudha J


MBA Aspirant

The experience I had at Celebrating Careers was very different than my past counselling experiences, the process here is very detailed and thorough. Saloni di goes above and beyond to help you understand yourself better, and to help you make informed decisions. The atmoshphere here is very positive and calming, loved the overall experience!

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