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Celebrating Careers

Score Better: Reach Your Potential

Study SMART, not HARD!

Score Better: Reach Your Potential
Score Better: Reach Your Potential

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Celebrating Careers, 107, 1st Floor, TBC Tower Above Ranjeets Kitchen, Gita Bhawan Rd, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452001

About the Event

If you are a student today life is busy. The world has changed, you go through extreme competition to perform good enough in exams and you are expected to bring the best marks too. 

Craming words, depending on guides, end moment studies and late night confusions? Well they are just making your problems worse. It turns out, your shorcuts today can cost you your future . And if your only way of preparation is to study by repeatedly reading the same  text again and again, then you should probably get used to being limited in your achievements. So yeah, its time to put that dusty old study strategy to rest. 

Today its all about smart work using latest techniques and thats why we have built this workshop. The world's one and only learning technique focused workshop: SCORE BETTER. 

This workshop gives you the right mindset, right techniques, right practice and right support you need to do your learning the right way, all in 3 sessions. Score Better gives you everything you need to succeed. You can manage your emotions, make the best efforts and finally see the real results. 

So think about it rather than using your brain as a photocopy machine - the oldest and least effective way, why not make your brain an ever growing powerful super computer you can use to win exams and improve your knowledge.

 And hey we have helped not just improve the score, but doubled the results. 

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