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 Workshops, lectures and panel discussions, where you'll learn about the opportunities to engage and develop personally.

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Cafe conversation


An initiative to help young adults by providing a space for discussion and clearing doubts related to the #newageissues like career, parenting, relationships, pressure, competition, addiction, digital age and many more.

Rise: Mental Health Day

A Mental Health Awareness Campaign was organized by us with just a vision of helping individuals realize the importance of mental health. And I feel completely satisfied that we achieved, what we aimed for with open discussions, exhibition, and activities.

 Community Collaborations 

Newsletter Launch

Our founder - Saloni Jain was honored to be writing her life's account in the latest newsletter 'Shabdkari'

Young Orators

Conducted by Jain Heritage - Kondapur, Hyderabad. I trained standard 4 to 9th class students on public speaking.

Sanskrit Talk

Scholar on Sanskrit Dr. Sampadananda Mishra delivered a talk on 'Sanskrit - the carrier of India's heritage' 

Story Telling

Stories are everywhere and everyone has a story, some are told and some of them are waiting to be told.

Startup Mentoring

Personal Mentoring Session for selected startups by Mr. Ujjwal Trivedi from Bangalore.

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