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The Winner

Future Ready Club

Do you want to get prepared to win the challenges of the real world?


 With Future Ready Club, you can develop lifelong skills that can be applied in multiple ways. Success in today’s world puts a higher premium on character qualities!

Is Current Education Enough for
Growth & Success ?

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Our Mission & Vision...

Academic education in India provides a solid foundation of knowledge and skills in various subjects, but it may not be enough for individuals to succeed in today's competitive environment & job market.


In today's increasingly diverse and dynamic workplaces, soft skills such as emotional intelligence, adaptability, time management, and problem-solving are in high demand and are essential for thriving.


 Supplementing academic education with this workshop to make them future-ready can greatly benefit individuals in their personal lives & professional careers.

20 Session Workshop - 3 Levels  with Badges & Certificates

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Level - GEM

Mastering Fundamentals: Start with the basics skills and gradually build up knowledge and skills to be better from today

Abstract Surface


Level - Marvel

Develop a more efficient and effective approach, which can lead to better academic or professional performance

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Level - Supernova

Demonstrating expertise requires ongoing effort and a commitment to continuous learning and improvement.

Now is the time for you to start gaining the future-ready skills you need to grow and succeed in life-

Communication Skills

Presentation Skills

Time Management

Decision Making

Goal Setting

Mental & Physical Health

Networking & Leadership

Research & Social Media

Group Dynamics

Presented by Saloni Jain,
Founder at Celebrating Careers.

Saloni Jain is one of the leading career exploration experts in India. Passionately driven towards the mission of helping people free the limitations and reach possibilities in careers and life. She has been awarded as 1000 Women in Asia for Innovation in Education category by Wommenovator.


Saloni Jain
Siddharth Arkhe

Siddharth Arkhe

Professional -IIM K

I would highly recommend, Celebrating Careers and specially Saloni Jain to everyone and anyone.

Sanjali Barjadtya

Sanjali Barjadtya

12th CBSE

The best I have ever come across, the counseling sessions are very needed and better than other options.

Shivpreet Sharma

Shivpreet Sharma 

Graduate - IIT

She is not just a career and life counselor, but also my mentor, life adviser &

a trusted consultant.

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