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Get Ready To Win

After completing school, you enter the real world where every decision matters,

your transition after school plays a vital role in the career.

Student with Laptop

First, you need a goal and then a path. Our aim is to help you sort

the confusion & make the best decision for your future. 

  Career Counseling for Guidance & Options for Drop Year  

Suhana Sherani

Suhana Sherani

Architecture to Design

The Mentor is just amazing & creates a friendly environment to understand the problems of student. She is so dedicated & helps in every possible way. 
Best place for career counselling.

Harshit Jain

Harshit Jain

Engineering to Photography

Celebrating career is amazing.. Being an introvert I was able to talk with saloni di very easily.

Simran Talreja

Simran Talreja

Psychology to Computers

It is the exact destination for those who are confused about their career. Saloni Di would guide you to a right pathway...she'll always listen to you and your problems.

Why you need Celebrating Careers Help in Gap/ Drop Year ?

Lack of Real World  Knowledge : Careers

Not Aware about Career Transitions Plan

Lack of Career based Education Plan

Not aware about Colleges & Eligibilities

Subjects is the wrong basis of career selection

Identity & Comparison Issues

Fear of Failure & Lack of Time (Behind Schedule)

Lack of Emotional Support & Guidance

Every step makes you better...

  If careers are not well researched and selected at the right time, you or your child may lose a lot of opportunities, efforts & time, it becomes difficult day by day to survive the competition & latest developments in careers. 

After School or while drop, is a critical time to prepare for the demands of a career. We help you in preparation for the career of your choice, exposure and internships while helping you develop an understanding of self & decision skills. Right career mentorship & preparation is the key to success.

 CLASS 6 -8 

 Class 9 & 10 

 Class 11 & 12 

 College Graduation 

 Work Experience 

Important  Decision Points

 Masters degree 

 & Internships  

  Regular Teen  

Not Prepared for Career Choice

Not Prepared for Colleges

Focus on Subject Likes/ Dislikes

No Career Change Plan

Doesn't Know How to Choose

Emotional Decision Making

  CC Explorer  

Has Career Change Plan in Hand

Prepared for College Admissions

Focus on Career & Future

Career Transition Preparedness

All round Career Support

Knows Uniqueness & Potential

How do we make the biggest difference in your

Career Gap / Drop Year??

Take a 3 step journey from Confusions to Clarity

with your Mentor Saloni Jain in India's Breakthrough

  Career Exploration Program - Gap/ Drop Year  

  Know Your Self  

  • Life Goals

  • Strengths & Weakness

  • Working on Strengths & Weakness

  • Image Management

  • Handling Change

  • Developing Growth Mindset

  • Balance of Life

  • Life Responsibilities as an Adult

  Know Your Career  

  • All Careers Awareness

  • Career Basics

  • Career Specializations

  • Career Profiles

  • Education Requirements

  • Top Career Choices

  • Transition Planning

  • College Lists

  • Entrance Eligibilities & Test

  • Career Relevant Activities and Courses

  Know Your Decision  

  • Career-Personality Relationship

  • Brainstorming

  • Sorting

  • Prioritizing

  • Researching

  • Mapping

  • Goal Setting

  • Subject Career Relationship

  • Study Skills 

  • Time Management

  • Exam Preparation



We as a brand do not believe in mere opinions of right and wrong, but making you capable enough to find your own right answers and continue to help yourself in the future. 

We solve not just lack of information but lack of being able to do the best.

Current education

prepares you for the world of the past,

Celebrating Careers

prepares you for the world in future.

In nature, a seed is able to grow only when a suitable environment is present similarly, our growth can be only possible when a suitable environment is present. The best results come when we are completely prepared & this our core principle in our services i.e. for your success, we provide you the environment.


Celebrating Careers

Other Guidance

Life Time Support & Mentorship

Career Research & Mentorship Approach

Alignment of Personal Goals with Careers

Our expertise:  Latest Career Research

Unbiased & No Commissions Earned

Doubts Resolved of both Client & Parents 

Complete Online Support: No Barriers

Short term Engagement & Advisory

Generalised & Test-based approach

Personal Goals are Not Prioritised

Expertise: Career Testing &  Report 

Biased and Earn by Admissions 

No system for Doubts Resolutions

Barriers of Personalised Help 

How does CC guide your Career Success? 

Experience 'Career Clarity' 

Career Clarity Calls 

A piece of expert advice can help your important decisions to be secured and relevant in the long run.

  • 1 hour 30 mins session on the call.

  • Discuss and get solutions for the problems at hand.

  • Specific & To-do Solutions. 

  • Best For Students & Professionals  with Specific Doubts

Saloni Jain

Career Exploration Program- Mentorship

Rather than just give you advice and send you on your way, Saloni helps craft your career with you. ​

  • 15-20 (minimum) activity-based sessions

  • Develop Career skills & Personalised Career Plan

  • Research, Analysis, Career Planning & Decision Making 

  • Identifying Core Needs - Life and Career Goals

  • Lifetime Mentoring & Support 

Saloni Jain

Who is a Career Counselor?

A career counselor is an expert who helps you make career decisions. They help you connect the world’s views with your personal views. Provide the latest details of career and developments in education and Industry.  Also, they understand human psychology and help you understand yourself better.

What stream after 10th?

Your subject selection will be guided by your desired career destination. The subjects are vital in building the foundational knowledge of a career. The subjects that you study and the result declared in 11th and 12th  will also impact your eligibility in graduation and post-graduation.

The right time to get counseling done?

Current education prepares students for the world of the past, celebrating careers prepares them for the future. Career counseling can be done at any age, there is no one right time to start thinking for the future, you can begin the process whenever you feel you need help. If you are planning it for your child, middle school is the best time, that is class 6th, 7th, and 8th.

Who can get counseling done?

Career counseling can be done for all ages starting from 6th grade to adults who want a transition in their career.

What careers options are available after graduating from science, commerce, or humanities?

We believe, if you want to reach a destination, the destination will guide the path from your current location. Similarly, the decided career will guide your subject selection as the syllabus will be the foundational knowledge relevant to the career. If careers are not well researched and selected at the right time, you or your child may lose a lot of opportunities, efforts & time & it becomes difficult day by day to survive the competition like IITs & IIMs & latest developments in careers. There are multiple careers after each of these streams. Some career options require a particular stream in 11th and 12th, hence deciding the career will guide all the related decisions. (* Engineering  * Management  * Law  * Media & Journalism  * Medicine * Hospitality & Tourism  * Computer Applications * Finance & Accounts * Design) 

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