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Make Your Mark

Career Journeys are defined by the destination you want to reach.

Success does not happen by chance but by design -set goals, preparation, and hard work.

Giving a Presentation

Every career move has its impact on your life.

Our aim is to help you build synergy in life  & career, for complete well being.

  Career Counseling for Job, Growth, Change & Balance 

Divya Vohra

Divya Vohra

CA- Delloite

Friendly mentor motivating us to enjoy life while working. Had a good interaction.

Shishir Trivedi

Shishir Trivedi

MCA to Teaching

Great place to clear doubts and queries related to career and life dilemmas. For career opportunities in various domains in today's world ,one must have an interaction ones with the team 

Pallav Agrawal

Pallav Agrawal

Engineer to Management, TISS 

There are career counsellors and then there is Saloni. She is one of a kind. I have got many counselling done for myself, but the kind of clarity I got after discussing with her is unparalleled.

Why you need Celebrating Careers Help Mid-Career ?

Not Aware about Latest Trends in Career

Lack of Career based New Education Plan

Lack of Emotional Support & Guidance

Lack of Career & Life Balance

Not Aware- Work Area Expectations

Not Aware about Career Transitions Plan

Fear of Failure & Lack of Time (Behind Schedule)

Stress & Emotional Imbalances

Not aware- Work opportunities

Not aware -New Path, Courses & Eligibilities

Not aware- Career & Life Goals

Unmapped Expectations

Unplanned Work Experience

Lack of Knowledge 

-Other Careers

Peer Pressure & Identity Issues

Every step makes you better...

  If careers are not well researched and selected at the right time, you may lose a lot of opportunities, efforts & time, it becomes difficult day by day to survive the competition & latest developments in careers. 

Career growth is crucial for achieving goals and fulfilling wishes. We help you in deciding a career destination, planning work experience, developing career skills like networking while helping you develop an understanding of self & decision skills. Right career advice is the key to success.

 CLASS 6 -8 

 Class 9 & 10 

 Class 11 & 12 

 College Graduation 

 Work Experience 

Important  Decision Points

 Masters degree 

 & Internships  

*Career Destination-Goals

*Career Ladder & Skills

*Network & Diversification 

*Work-Life Balance

  Regular Search  

Not Prepared for Career 

Not Prepared for the Next Step

Focus on Career Comparisions 

Lack of Work Life Balance

Doesn't Know How to Decide

Emotional Decision Making

  CC Explorer  

Has Career Plan in Hand

Prepared for Career Expectations

Focus on Career Contribution

Work Life Prepared & Balance

All round Career Support

Knows USP & Potential

How do we make the biggest difference in your

Career Growth, Change & Balance ??

Take a 3 step journey from Confusions to Clarity

with your Mentor Saloni Jain in India's Breakthrough

  Career Exploration Program  

  Know Your Self  

  • Life Goals

  • Life Story

  • Strengths & Weakness

  • Working on Strengths & Weakness

  • Image Management

  • Handling changing choices & environment

  • Developing Growth Mindset

  • Balance of Life

  • Rules of Personal Success

  Know Your Career  

  • Career Basics

  • Career Specializations

  • Career Profiles

  • Education Requirements

  • Target Career Selection 

  • Masters Planning

  • Hiring & Selection Planning

  • Updating Your Career

  • Career Change Planning**

  • Career Skills Base

  • Internships & Experience

  • Colleges List

  • Entrance Eligibilities & Test

  • Career Relevant Activities and Courses

  • Networking

  • Exposure through College

  • Interview Preparation

  Know Your Decision  

  • Career-Personality Relationship

  • Brainstorming

  • Sorting

  • Prioritizing

  • Researching

  • Mapping

  • Goal Setting

  • Subject Career Relationship

  • Study Skills 

  • Time Management

  • Exam Preparation



We as a brand do not believe in mere opinions of right and wrong, but making you capable enough to find your own right answers and continue to help yourself in the future. 

We solve not just lack of information but lack of being able to do the best.

Current education

prepares you for the world of the past,

Celebrating Careers

prepares you for the world in future.

In nature, a seed is able to grow only when a suitable environment is present similarly, our growth can be only possible when a suitable environment is present. The