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Ankit Vohra,

Director- Jain Public Schools M.P.

Ankit Vohra

I have known Saloni for the past 3 years, she has extreme knowledge about the psychology of present generation, and she can be very helpful to bring awareness in one's career, self-development and any kind of important decisions in life. I hope that many people get benefit from her passion.

Sampadananda Mishra,

Director- Shri Aurobindo Foundation

Sampadananda Mishra

I was happy to be at the Celebrating Careers Center for a talk and found the ambience to be much creative, innovative and charged with much dynamism.

Prashant Rao,


Prashant Rao

I have known Saloni for the past few years and I’ve always known the passion she has for the services she provides. I can vouch for the fact that she is doing fantastic work! 

Ishita Bohra,

MBA  Professional

Ishita Bohra

I have known Saloni for a long time. She has been very passionate for the cause of providing the right direction to a youngster's career choices and is very encouraging. She goes out of her way to help you out to find the right reasons to pursue a career rather than imposing anything on you.


I was doing some google about the career counselor in Indore and got to know about CELEBRATING CAREER, I went through the website and their social media handle I got fascinated about the work they are doing , I have been doing a lot of r&d and search on Google and I got a lot of career counselor details but the kind of mission and vision CELEBRATING CAREER has is so holistic and unique which nobody has,and the way they are doing I think that is what is required for young kids in the current scenario, and the first meeting was so good with Saloni Jain that I didn't find her as a counselor , I found her as a friend and not even a friend but best friend with an expertise in career counseling who can advise you, help you and guide you in your career.

So what do you need when you found yourself at a confusion state in your career - somebody who is expert in career guidance and understand the issue like your friend and Saloni Jain is the one. Now in the first meeting only, I literally thinking Where I was wrong and where I have to improve. 

The best part is that she made us to think , because where ever we go for counseling, they give us a tool and we think because , now we have a tool we can make everything possible, but these tools are not for long term , the only thing which will be long term is you and your ability to change the thing , and Saloni Jain is a person who made you think, she has very effective and powerful techniques which work really well .

I would say she is a blend of a career counselor, life counselor, A Educationist, Motivational speaker, and your friend.  The CELEBRATING CAREER office is really cool, has such a positive environment that you automatically start feeling good.

Good Luck to Saloni Jain and CELEBRATING CAREER, I can say without a doubt that you will continue doing wonders.

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