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Get Inspired: Careers of Top Lawyers

Updated: Jun 2, 2020


The Legal Eye, The Luminary

  • Studied law despite opposition from his father.

  • Obtained a law degree when 17.

  • Persuaded the then Chief Justice to pass a special resolution to relax the rules (which then mandated that a lawyer had to be 21 yrs or above) & got allowed to practice law.

  • One of the highest-paid lawyers in INDIA with most high profile cases.

  • Received the Human Rights Award by

  • World Peace Through Law.

  • Not wary of the controversial

“The older you get, the younger should be your company”


Trusted by few but ignored by even fewer

  • An Indian academician, politician, economist and legal activist.

  • No monetary backing at the time to hire an advocate, led him to fight all these cases.

  • Initially, he was unsure of how to carry out the proceedings as a trained lawyer does.

  • He found his feet soon enough by his audacity to do the undoable.

  • Historic PILs filed by him - Jayalalithaa,

  • 2G scam, National Herald case, Nataraja temple case, Ayodhya temple case etc.

  • Crusader against corruption

A lawyer not by qualification, but by practice


A guardian of our Constitution

  • A household name, not only amongst lawyers, but throughout the length and breadth of our country

  • He overcame his initial handicap of stammering by sheer willpower

  • Applied as lecturer at Bombay University, but was not awarded the post.

  • He had no godfathers in the profession. His rise at the Bar was meteoric.

  • His treatise, authored as a Book on Income Tax was regarded as Bible.

  • Defender of constitutional liberties & a champion of human rights

“You may not believe in a fate which overtakes men however they act; but you have to believe in a fate which overtakes men unless they act.”


Advocating for justice and freedom…

  • A technology lawyer and digital rights activist

  • One of Asia Society’s 21 young leaders of 2015

  • Only lawyer in the world to simultaneously appear on briefs in the US and Indian Supreme Courts in the same term.

  • Primary legal representative of many of the world's leading free software developers and non-profit distributors.

  • Founded (SFLC) Software Freedom Law Center- premier non-profit organization representing the rights of Internet users and free software developers in India.

  • Youth for the right change

"By taking on challenges, not letting pride get in the way of action, acting on my convictions, and admitting my mistakes, I make my team feel like they belong."


Torchbearer for the exploited & underprivileged

  • A Supreme Court Lawyer for the constitutional rights, media & tech law, women's rights and commercial cases.

  • Witnessing molesters grabbing girls on the streets, victim blaming influenced her on doing work to bring change and gain the power to fix things most effectively.

  • An economics degree, followed by job as a TV reporter, and application to 3 colleges simultaneously –law, film making and journalism. As she joined law school, she’d found her calling.

  • Most successful women in a male-dominated profession.

“I always felt that my work had to be a vocation, we spend so much of our life doing it..”

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