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Ram Setu - Inspiring Future Archaeologists

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

The story of the movie Ram Setu revolves around an archaeologist, starring Akshay Kumar, written and directed by Abhishek Sharma. This movie showcases the work of an archaeologist and will inspire many young minds.

Archaeology isn’t just a study of fossils and old rocks, but also a reliable window into our past. Every archaeological discovery gives us the direct look into our long history as species.

What is Archaeology?

A study of the ancient or recent human past through material remains. It is also a sub-discipline of Anthropology, which is the study of all human cultures. The experts are called Archaeologists.

What do Archaeologists do?

Archaeologists gather and study the different types of pieces of evidence like homes, clothes, tools, bones, dishes, etc. related to the human past from various places and observe & examine the results.

They possess in-depth knowledge of :

  • Principles & methods of Archaeology

  • Application of Science in Archaeology

  • Prehistory & Protohistory

  • Historical Archaeology

  • Art and Iconography

  • Architecture

  • Epigraphy and Numismatics

  • Museology

  • Structural conservation of Monuments

  • Chemical preservation of monuments and antiquities

  • Antiquarian Laws

The responsibility of an archaeologist is to do surveys at various sites using different methods and instruments. They articulate the data using drawings, notes, and photography.

India & Archaeology: Scope in the Career

India has a rich cultural heritage that’s why the demand for archaeologists is higher in India.

It aims to remain at the forefront of international research in archaeological sciences. Indian archaeology is furthering the cause of the social, political, and economic context of archaeology.

In the field of archaeology, The Archaeological Survey of India, The Directorate of Archaeology provides jobs in a reasonably large number regularly in different state governments, and the departments of Ancient Indian History, and Culture.

Some Inspiring Indian Archaeologists

While some of those discoveries came about by chance, many others were only possible due to the efforts of archaeologists that didn’t give up. Some of the greatest ones in history aren’t just remembered for the weight of their discoveries, but also their insights and methods shaping modern archaeology.

  • Bhagwan Lal IndraJi - Transcribing and Studying Inscriptions and Manuscripts such as the sites of Ajanta, Nashik, Karli, and many more.

  • RD Banerjee - First to excavate Mohenjo Daro and Indus Valley Site of Harappa

  • Hasmukhlal Dhirajlal Sankhalia - Worked on many sites in Gujrat, Deccan, and Kashmir

  • Asoke Kumar Bhattacharyya - Padma Shri, 29 published books on various aspects of art, archaeology, epigraphy, and numismatics, and hundreds of research articles in journals across the world.

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shivani jamod
shivani jamod
Oct 12, 2022

Wow so well written and overall content of wonderful

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