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I would highly recommend, Celebrating Careers and specially Saloni Jain to everyone and anyone.

- Siddharth Arkhe , IIM

She is not just a counselor, but also my mentor, life adviser & a trusted consultant.

- Shivpreet Sharma , IIT

The best I have ever come across, the counselling sessions are very needed and better than other options.

- Sanjali Barjadtya, 12th Satya Sai

       Our Way of Helping You     

Celebrating Careers

fulfill the need of today's 

career scenario 


Development in careers happen every day, but traditional mindset does not update itself. We cannot take decisions blindly without updated information and expert guidance.

Career is not merely a choice of education but also a choice of lifestyle. 


We are like a plant, that cannot grow without the support of sunlight, water and minerals. In the same way a person cannot grow without unconditional support and care.

The goal is not judgement of right and wrong but the right direction for growth.


We as a brand do not believe in mere opinions of right and wrong, but making you capable enough to find your own right answers and continue to help yourself in the future. 


We solve not just lack of information but lack of being able to do the best .


Q. Who is a Career Counselor?

A.  A career counselor is an expert who helps you make career decisions. They help you connect the world’s views with your personal views. Provide the latest details of career and developments in education and Industry.  Also, they understand human psychology and help you understand yourself better.

Q. What is the right time to get career counseling done?

A.  Current education prepares students for the world of the past, celebrating careers prepares them for the future. Career counseling can be done at any age, there is no one right time to start thinking for the future, you can begin the process whenever you feel you need help. If you are planning it for your child, middle school is the best time, that is class 6th, 7th, and 8th.

Q. Who can get counseling done?

A.  Career counseling can be done for all ages starting from 6th grade to adults who want a transition in their career.

Q. What is Celebrating Careers?

A.  Celebrating careers is an organization that provides an informed, secured & supportive Career Exploration Program to help you find the Right Career Path with Right Reasons.

Q. How does celebrating careers help?

A.  Celebrating careers help you by, providing the right information about careers, guiding in the selection of a career, preparing for a career, mentoring for success, advising on career, connecting you to experts.

Q. What stream after 10th?

A. Your subject selection will be guided by your desired career destination. The subjects are vital in building the foundational knowledge of a career. The subjects that you study and the result declared in 11th and 12th  will also impact your eligibility in graduation and post-graduation.

Q. What careers options are available after graduating from science, commerce or humanities?

A. We believe, if you want to reach a destination, the destination will guide the path from your current location. Similarly, the decided career will guide your subject selection as the syllabus will be the foundational knowledge relevant to the career. If careers are not well researched and selected at the right time, you or your child may lose a lot of opportunities, efforts & time & it becomes difficult day by day to survive the competition like IITs & IIMs & latest developments in careers. There are multiple careers after each of these streams. Some career options require a particular stream in 11th and 12th, hence deciding the career will guide all the related decisions. (* Engineering  * Management  * Law  * Media & Journalism  * Medicine * Hospitality & Tourism  * Computer Applications * Finance & Accounts * Design) 

Q. What happens in counseling of 6th-8th?

A.  We will help you, understand & match career options with your own personality, and learning life skills & decision-making skills

Q. What happens in counseling of 9th-10th?

A.  We will help you, analyze & select a career, plan subjects in class -10th, develop skills to make a decision. Nowadays there is no gap provided after Class 10th exams to think for the Subject Selection hence it is very important to plan it well before Class 10th Board.

Q. What happens in counseling of 11th-12th?

A.  We will help you with, education planning, Competitive Exam Paper Pattern, Institute Comparision & selection, for India or to Study Abroad, Cut off & Admission preparation and tips, Social Grooming.

Q. What happens in counseling of graduate & post-graduate students?

A. We will help you with, college comparisons as per the exposure, internship experience, Master degree planning, and learning career skills.

Q. What happens in counseling of working professionals?

A.  We will help you with the final career destination decision, academic planning- diploma or certificates, necessary work experience, learning career skills, networking, growth & diversification- salary & position, starting a business or planning a startup.

Q. What you should know before going for career counseling?

A. There may be doubts in your mind about career counseling, and how Celebrating Careers is different from other Career Counselors here’s what happens :

Our first step is Self Awareness:

We believe that ‘You are the Key to all Your Answers’. We talk to you about your expectations & thoughts regarding your future and help you understand your strengths & weaknesses. The goal is to make you aware of what ability you have higher chances of success and what aspects you need to improve.


Our second step is Career Awareness:

We believe that ‘Your Choice determines a Career, not Capabilities’.  We help you make the Career Choice by our evolved process where you sort all the options on the basis of the right information and prioritize the options with our guidance on matching it with your personality.


Our third step is Decision Awareness:

We believe that ‘Every Decision in the Career Journey Matters’. Now after the above steps you will know what is your career position and where you want to reach, now the most important part is the action plan to help you reach your Career Goal in the upcoming years. It will include deciding the changes in personality, selection of subject and institutes with the relevant work experience and network.


It’s a journey from confusions to clarity, all you need to do is invest your time.

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